Create Your Puppies!

Digital doggies you can love, grow,
breed, and teach tricks.

What are Digipuppies?

DigiPuppies are adorable, loyal, obscene, and paw-some! This cryptogame allows users to collect, buy and trade rare digital assets by using the power of blockchain technology. Find your perfect puppy today!

img Puppy, Please!

Why get a puppy?

Become a puppy parent today! Everyone needs a pup in their life, but not everyone can have one. DitgiPuppies lets anyone in the world own a cute puppy and keep him safe and secure!

DigiPuppies give unconditional love too - unlike mean, scary cats!

Puppies can fall in love...


and that means more tail wagging fun!

DigiPuppies helps everyone learn about cryptocurrency and benefit from the power and flexibility of blockchain technology. Plus, it’s fun! Through gameplay and exploration, a dry and sophisticated topic is made simple, and its potential and usefulness are revealed in an adorable and approachable way.

Gameplay creates something unique - just like you!

Woof! Join the pack today!